Amanda and I have been talking about making a team T-shirt, and I finally uploaded the graphic and we ordered them today. Go Team Gamando!

I’ve been sort of busy the last few weeks, yet haven’t done all that much to speak of. It’s a weird combo. I guess I’ve been doing things enough to be busy, but it’s mostly the stuff I do all the time, so it doesn’t seem worth talking about.

One unusual development has been the water heater breaking down late last week. The pilot light won’t stay lit, so I went ahead and turned it off.

I called our usual plumbing/heating people the first day we noticed the problem, but they didn’t call back. So after several days of waiting, I called someone else and they’re coming in the morning. So I hope we’ll have hot water tomorrow.

There hasn’t been any gas leaking, so no danger is involved, but I haven’t been able to do dishes, and we haven’t been able to do much laundry. We’ve showered over at Josh and Amanda’s at least a couple times.

It was so nice Sunday, I was surprised we didn’t have more people come out for our regular Ultimate game. I did manage to get a sunburn, and it smarts today.

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