Turtle Zip Wax

Saturday we cleaned the house and washed the car. It has probably been since High School that I manually washed the car myself, with sponges, buckets of water and wax, that sort of thing. I’ve been doing the short cut of running through an automatic car wash all these years… but really it just isn’t the same. It did take me about 2 hours, but it looks great! I spent about the same amount of time relaxing in our pool after cleaning the car, it was such a gorgeous day!

I purchased New Super Mario Bros for my Nintendo DS this week. It is a great game, such a blast to play! I’m currently on World 5-4, a snowy environment. Hopefully I don’t complete the game before my trip this weekend!

Yesterday I put together a quick blogger site for the Brotherhood Gaming Tribe so that members can post links to gaming news articles and generate an RSS feed at the same time. So far it has been pretty neat!

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