Nintendo will win with Wii

Could Nintendo end up being the “winner” of the next video game console war?

Previous thinking was unanimous that Nintendo would be the underdog in this new generation of gaming because it was designed with less technical prowess (less CPU and graphical abilities). However, with their strong E3 showing and press quips from both Sony and Microsoft executives supporting their competition… might Nintendo end up winning?

It is rumored that the new Nintendo Wii will launch under $250. The Playstation 3 will cost $599 for the full system and XBOX 360 costs $399. So Nintendo will be the most affordable console on shelves this holiday.

The Nintendo console will also offer the games with the most comfort level for parents. Nintendo is famous for its kid-friendly line up of popular titles such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon and others.

The traditional hardcore gamer being targeted by the other two companies now have their “leaders” urging a 2nd console purchase of the Nintendo Wii. The unique control scheme and exclusive titles may be enough to push them into completing the second console purchase.

These factors, on top of the Nintendo faithful’s purchases, could be enough for Nintendo to capture the largest install base of this new generation. Once you have the largest install base, the developers, exclusive titles, and even more customers follow.

Peter Moore’s original quote supporting Wii
Phil Harrison’s quote responding to Moore’s quote, also supporting Wii
Nintendo Wii official website

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