New couches!

This week we have Jantina’s mom and her husband visiting us. We visited Cedar’s and Season’s 52 so far. Sunday we had a cook-out at our place with some of the gang, swam in the pool and had a blast.

Our new couches and chair for the living room arrived. It took us a little while to find the accent pillows and lamps, we really love them though. Our previous set lasted about 10 years. We threw a cover over the old couch and moved it into my office. An OK use for a tax refund 🙂

I’m re-reading Cashflow Quadrant … lots of great idea that I never get around to implementing.

I rented “Black,” an XBOX game, this weekend but it was just “OK.”

My MacBook Pro battery is a dud. Apple support is sending me a new one overnight. It sounds like it is a known defect in some of the early MacBook Pro batteries. Speaking of Apple, Ethan pointed me to the new Apple ads, they are pretty good.

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