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Set on auto

Looks like we bought a car last night … or perhaps I should say we started the official process. But I think we’ll be getting it this week. More details later…


I picked up my new mobile phone this weekend.

Went to Mom’s concert Sunday afternoon, then tried Rudy’s, a new resturant in Lincoln.

‘A Fool’s Night Out’

Last night to further celebrate April Fool’s Day we went with our friends Jamie and Scott to “A Fool’s Night Out” in downtown Orlando. I was pulled onto the stage for the Banana song skit, which was really funny. If you click “videos” on Kirk Marsh’s site, you can see the bit done by someone else and imagine MY participation! It was a great time, we would highly recommend checking it out next time its scheduled.

Also, thank you everyone for sharing in our spontaneous trip excitement. It really made our day 🙂

Spontaneous trip! [Updated]

Guido and I were chatting on IM this morning after he saw my last post, and happened to mention I had just checked my frequent flyer miles and there were a bunch about to expire. I’m normally traveling Monday-Thursday for work, and free for fun on Friday, so we joked about going on a spontaneous trip.

Guido told his boss, who thought it was funny, and said, “You should do it.” So Guido called me at home and we talked about it for real for a few minutes. Guido IM’d Julie at work and she could not go, and I discovered that Jantina could not go, because she was throwing a baby shower. Guido was able to officially get half of Friday off so he was a “GO” for the spontaneous trip!

We wanted to go somewhere we could do stuff all night and actually have things to do and places to go, so we decided on the spectacle that is VEGAS! Hahaha. Guido had been before briefly and I had only been to the airport. I was able to secure a get-a-way weekend at our condo, the Marriott Grande Chateau, a plane ticket for me from Orlando, and one for Guido from Springfield all with the points.

Vegas trip 2006

Troy and Guido in downtown Vegas,
March 31, 2006.

We met up at LAS, our flights arriving only a couple hours apart, so it worked out great. We grabbed a cab and went to the Hilton first because I’ve always wanted to see the Star Trek “Experience” there and visit “Quarks.” It was really cool, I especially enjoyed the Dabo tables! Then Guido took us to the older Vegas strip for a little bit then back to the far end of the main strip.

We went to the MGM Grand, and this was classic … So neither of us especially like gambling and neither had really played craps before, but we decided to try our hand at it just to say we’d played. Once we elbowed our ways to a spot at the table, we realized the minimum bet was higher than we thought, and rather than play 4 or 5 times, we decided to pool the cash we were willing to lose together for one big play. That way, we’d be able to just go enjoy the other sites and attractions with our gambling budget spent.

Well, it didn’t work out that way! We started winning, letting it ride, and winning again! It was so freaky. We ended up with $52,255.25 total! And this is only Friday night … er, very early Saturday morning! We have all weekend left, but we are NOT gambling the winnings away.

Right now, we’re writing this down from the condo lobby on my MacBook Pro on the free wi-fi but we’re about go hit this all-night arcade we saw earlier. Saturday night, we’ll probably soak in a few shows like Blue Man Group and Cirque Du Soleil.

Leave us some messages, hopefully we’ll be able to check in later today. We’ll let you know if we’ve had to take a nap yet.

UPDATE: Added photo.

UPDATE: It’s about 5:45 a.m. Saturday, and we’re going to get some sleep for a few hours. We’ll try to check in later.

UPDATE: It’s about 11 p.m. Saturday, and we’re be running around all day with little sleep. That’s what planes are for. Sorry we didn’t get to check it much today. We got some of your e-mails and comments (and phone calls, of course). We’ll have to clear out pretty soon. And don’t worry, we haven’t blown all the money … yet.

UPDATE: Happy April Fool’s Day! This whole post was a joke but thank you for all the calls, comments, and e-mails!