Weekend w/ Pop

Friday, Jantina and I drove over to Tampa to pick up my dad. He was wrapping up a business meeting there this week. Being in Tampa, I had to run by Xtreme Juice to grab a smoothie for the trip home. We spent time visiting and ran by the mall at Festival Bay once we got back to Orlando.

Saturday morning we drove to Dundee, Fla., to take a tour of Davidson candy factory. We bought some pecan brittle, pecan rolls, and a couple types of marmalade. We heard about them on Food Network’s “Food Finds” and they are only an hour away, so we checked them out.

That evening, we ate dinner at Artist’s Point, I was excited to share that place with dad since Jantina and I enjoyed it so much on our anniversary. I tried buffalo this time, and it was really tasty.

After dinner, we drove downtown to Duel of Fools at SAK comedy club. It was a fun time; they always do a great job with improv there.

This morning we went to church and now I’m waiting for Jantina to finish whipping up southwestern burgers for a late lunch (yum).

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