Healthier Troy

In November 2005 I applied for a premium rate on some life insurance. They required some blood work, and when the results came back, I didn’t qualify for the premium rate because there were a couple of red flags (Triglyceride levels were too high, and HDL was too low).

During Christmas vacation in Lincoln, I met up with David and his dad to visit, right away noticing they’ve both lost weight. Soon discovered after talking with them that they were on a health system called ISAGENIX. To this day, I don’t buy into a lot of the marketing explanations behind the why and how this product works. However, 1) I saw results staring me in the face 2) Nutrition is difficult for me to figure out, especially eating on the road so much 3) I already had my follow-up appointment with the doctor scheduled for March 31st … So I figured that I could see concrete results.

So I did the program; The 9-day package, followed by the 30-day package, and now I continue on the “maintenance” package.

Here are my statistics:
I started with a pant size of 36, 191 pounds, BMI of 26.6 (overweight).

In November 2005, my lab results from the life insurance blood work showed:
Triglycerides 235 (should be less than 150)
Cholesterol 180
HDL Cholesterol 29 (too low)

March 2006 (today) my lab results showed:
Triglycerides 75
Cholesterol 157
HDL Cholesterol 39 (still low, but improving!)

As of today, I lost a total of 29 pounds, pant size now 33, BMI of 22.5 (Normal).

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