Hey howdy Fuzzy Couch

Where do I start? I didn’t fall out of my chair with Troy’s ultimate makeover, but I can’t top that. It’s not a competition anyhow.

All I have been doing is watching out for Mandy and trying to shore up the bathroom. I’m so close I can taste it. I did manage to break the toilet tank lid, so that has set me back, but the tub is in with water and the sink could get done tomorrow if I pushed. I need to get the tools out of the baby’s room.

Sort of slow here waiting for the apocolypse. Just taking care of the snow, dog shots (fletcher let out the glands from you know where for the shots, ewww) and trying to finish projects. Nothing too big.

I think the biggest thing is I did break down and get basic cable with 10 channels. This was only to facilitate the broadband internet access. I do admit that the clarity of the channels is nice. It is all intended to get rid of the local phone company that I am not pleased with. So goodby Qwest, hello cable. Maybe I’ll get VOIP as well.

Last big news: I sold my calculator from college. The HP 48 SX with 4 expansion cards. I hope it goes to a good home. It could fly the shuttle, you know! It could also be used as a remote for the TV, but that is beside the point.

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