Two storms that formed in the middle of Missouri, blew all the way across Central Illinois about 8-9 p.m. last night then around midnight. Those storms included tornados that touched down in, at least, a couple areas. Julie and I had to stay in Lincoln for a few extra hours as we waited to see if we’d be able to make it home. The storms let up a lot, so we left Lincoln at 10 p.m.

Springfield was hit pretty hard. As we drove around it on the way home, much of the city was black — a strange sight. On Interstate 72 between Springfield and Jacksonville, we ran over a set of downed powerlines (didn’t see them until we ran over them), and officials have since closed I-72. Road signs were blown over all along the way.

UPDATE: Two tornados hit Springfield, both F2. That’s 120 MPH winds. One stayed on the ground for 4 miles and the other for 5.5 miles according to the National Weather Service.

Originally uploaded by mandalorian30.

UPDATE: Here’s a photo from Flickr.

This billboard along Wabash Ave. in Springfield was blown over by one of Sunday’s tornados. It just missed landing on that store.

There are lots of photos of the tornado damage to be found on Flickr, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Like this group and this group.

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