Weekend with Tillman

This weekend Matt Tillman and Jenna are in town visiting us! We had a very packed Saturday… In the morning we went to Megacon, a big Anime / Comic / Sci-Fi convention at the Orange County Convention Center. We saw all kinds of cosplay, including a slave Leia with storm troopers, the prince form Katamari, and lots of Final Fantasy characters. It was a blast!

Then we went to Celebration to participate in the Posh Pooch Festival. There were lots of puppies and dogs there, Sassy had a blast. Jantina entered Sassafras into a beauty contest, but Jantina felt the judges preferred the dogs with “gimmicks”.

After the Posh Pooch Festival we headed home to play some 360. The girls fell asleep as soon as we got home, I followed shortly after, and eventually Matt dozed off while playing.

After our naps, we headed over to City Walk for our dinner reservations at Emeril’s. I had a slice of the Duck / Mushroom-Truffle pizza for an appetizer, the Filet of Beef, and Banana Cream Pie for dessert!

Update: Cosplay at Megacon Video

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