Super Bowl XL

Saturday morning we participated in a community garage sale. A group of us cleaned out our closets and garages to build a consolidated inventory at Toni and Christopher’s place. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with us, and it rained most of the day. We enjoyed our time visiting, and the beef sandwiches Jantina made for lunch tasted just like Portillo’s in Chicago!


Later that day, we celebrated Aby’s birthday at the Magic Kingdom! We surprised her (with the help of her husband Scott) by meeting them after their dinner at the Grand Floridian. At the park we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, saw PhilharMagic, and watched the park’s closing fireworks display. It was a great time with the gang.

On Sunday, we watched the Super Bowl at Toni & Christopher’s. Jantina and I watched more than just the commercials this year! As many of you know, I traditionally Tivo the game, and fast forward to watch the commercials. I have to admit though, we had a blast stretching the experience out and visiting with friends while eating the collaboratively prepared finger food!

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