Saturday afternoon, only two of us showed for practice, so we practiced our pulls and long forehands for a while, then we noticed a pickup football game starting nearby. They let us join them and I played for about an hour or so before I had to go to work.

The game was full-contact and I think many of the guys — there were men and women — were at least high school football players, if not college football players. So I got taken down pretty hard a few times. Between that game and the disc throwing and Ultimate the next day, my arms and shoulders were sore for about three days. And I kinda smushed my hand during one of the tackles. I can still feel that a little bit.

One of the guys playing had MacMurray stuff on, but told me he was in the seminary program at Lincoln Christian College. He also told me there is pretty competitive intramural ultimate at LCC.

Liz organized a last-minute, Thursday night game last week, which was nice though a little chilly. Not sure if we’ll have a game tonight or not at this point in the day. I’m worn down from working late the last couple days, and I haven’t seen much of Julie, so I’d be OK if we didn’t play tonight.

The annual Society for News Design (SND) contest entries were due this week. I pulled a few entries together on Monday. I did a portfolio entry (six pages) and a two or three single pages, but I probably should have put a couple more individual pages in from the portfolio entry. Oops. Too late now.

I went to the doctor Monday for the kidneys. I have stones in both, I guess. I need to drink way more water, which I dislike — but I’m trying. I have to get another test done soon, then a checkup in six months.

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