Steve’s keynote

I caught Steve Job’s keynote this afternoon. I was really looking forward to a new PowerBook. He started off with an update on the iTunes Music Store, iPod accessories, and then an update on iLife with new Podcasting and Photocasting features. After that, the hardware update, a new iMac with a dual core Intel chip (Core Duo) was shown to outperform a Power Mac G5, Cool stuff. Steve noted that Apple plans on transitioning their entire product line to Intel chips this year!

… at the last second, he does the standard “Oh, and one more thing”

MacBook Pro !!
“Its a new name because we’re kind of done with power, and because we want Mac in the name of our products”
Intel Core Duo, 4 to 5X faster than the current PowerBooks, and it starts with my beloved 15″ model which is exactly what I wanted!

MacBook Pro
iLife ’06

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