2006 project list begun

New years was uneventful, but a calming change. We saw the ball drop and ate Mexican. Not in that order.

The furnace saga continues. This P.O.S. has turned on me for the last time. To my displeasure, I’m having a new one installed on Monday. I wanted to wait till the summer and do it myself, but the coldest months are ahead and I can’t have it going out when we are either out of town or it is -20. I hate paying for labor.

I made good on the promise to start on the bathroom re-do. I have the thing gutted and now have to decide on the plumbing layout. I went all the way to the floor joists since the subfloor wasn’t looking so good. I just can’t be sure how to set-up the waste drain and vents. The tub is tricky with its position in the room. I guess now is as good of a time as any to move it, but I don’t want to cut into too many joists to run the pipes. The floor also has a 1/8″ per foot slope. So if I flatten it, I will have about a 1″ threshold at the door. I really wanted to make that flush. This has made me rethink the need to have to floor flat. I’ll work on the electrical and plumbing and come back to the floor.

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