The Christmas visitor

I was sitting in the dining room tonight, playing a board game with the family. My chair was facing the living room. I thought I saw some movement in the living room, so I began staring in that direction. I then saw — for the second time, but now more clearly — something fly across the room and back. A bat.

I rushed over and we watched it fly from one corner of the room to another, most likely looking for somewhere to go to get out. Utini noticed it and was ready to try to grab it, if it came close. Someone hearded the dogs into the other room and closed the door, while I was trying to scurry to the front door. It got pretty close to me as I crawled across the room.

I got to the door and swung it open, but as the bat came back across the room, it missed the door and went up into the corner again. It’s pattern then got disrupted by the open door and it fell, landing on my shoulder. Erin later commented on my “manly” scream.

The bat then few over somewhere by the tree. We couldn’t see it at first. Then we noticed it hanging on one of my Christmas presents. Dad slowly picked up the present with bat attached, carried it outside and left it out there … and that was the hartwaming visit we received from the Christmas bat.

No bats were injured in the making of this story.

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