Still without an XBOX 360. I used the inventory tracker that was put together with leaked inventory numbers for Best Buy’s December 18th flyer. We got up super early and headed to our closest Best Buy on Orange Blossom Trail. When we arrived at 3:45AM, there were 61 in line and according to the data, they only had 50 available.

So next we went to Altamonte Springs, a little further out, but they were supposed to have 52 units. The line wrapped around the building, easily more than 100 people camping out. We found out later, the local news featured the expected availability from this location so that spurred the additional traffic.

Next we headed to Waterford Lakes, where they had 40 units. We arrived there around 4:30 and I started counting the heads… about 30, so we decided to stay. We later discovered many started waiting the night before (at closing on the 17th) and had been given a chance to “sign-in”. It turned out these earlier shoppers were teamed up and taking turns sleeping in their cars in the parking lot. By the time the store opened at 8:00, the line was replenished with the nappers, bringing the total in front of us to 44.

While waiting, we discovered that many of the people in front of us were not gamers at all. They were buying 360s in order to sell them on ebay for double the money. That insanity should be short lived though, I expect it will die down after Christmas when parents don’t feel pressured that they must get one for gifting that morning.

The very first guy in line started his camping on Friday night, I can think of many better ways to spend a weekend!

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