Thanksgiving recap

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day and upcoming weekend. Julie and I and Julie’s mom went to my parents’ house yesterday for a great meal. Mom and Dad made two turkeys, smoked and unsmoked. Mom tried a recipe I sent her for squash with pecans and goat cheese. I like it. We played some games, played with the dogs and watched Star Wars IV-VI.

I’m back at work today, but eating leftover squash as I type. Julie talked me out of going to any early bird sales this morning.

Josh, Amanda and Jeeto had us over Tuesday night for dinner and hanging out and such. Dave Crumley came over, too. Very nice evening … yet again. We tried taking some pics of my Threadless shirts, but I haven’t really looked at them yet. Not sure if they came out well. They looked pretty decent on the tiny screen on the camera.

We’ve been trying to think about Xmas gifts. We have a few ideas and have been given a few ideas and have even purchased a couple things. Still lots to do, though.

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