Thanks to Dennis

Thank you, Dennis! Bindi had a vet appointment today, but as we went out to the car to go there, I realized my keys were still in the bag of Ultimate stuff locked in the car. I ran back inside to try to think of someone to call, when Dennis IM’d me. He said he could give me a ride, so Bindi and I ran over to his house and got a ride to the vet … and he waited there for us, and gave us a ride home, too. Whew! So thank you, thank you, thank you to Dennis!, where I have a gallery of photos from the Jax Hat Ultimate Tournament, sends me an e-mail every so often and tells me how many views have been logged. The lastest tells me that 6,034 views since I created it in August. Jax Hat Tournament Photos.

Julie and I are going to see “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” tonight. She just finished re-reading the book last night.

There’s a great sale going on at and if you buy something using this link, I get a little bit off a shirt.

UPDATE [5 p.m., Nov. 23]: Aww, sweet! Someone actually used my link to buy six shirts. I’m up to 10 street team points with a few more on the way once I upload the pictures of all the shirts I already have.

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