Thin and trim

I tried to prepare myself for what the trees and yard would look like after the tree trimmers got done, but it looks so drastically different. I didn’t even know they were going to show up today, but they did without warning. (They told me it would be a week or two.) But now it looks really open. They raised the bottom of the trees and pulled them all back away from the house. Take that squirrels.

I was kinda surprised that the tree people raked the leaves and took all the limbs and stuff that were lying around the yard. That’s why I get to pay the big bucks, I guess.

Check out them fit and trim trees.

I’ve added a few movies to my watched list lately. Still seems like Troy and I are staying around the same number, last I checked. Kinda strange.

We took Utini and Bindi over to Springfield to visit with Julie’s mom this evening. We went out to a park for a walk then got some dinner, before a groceries run.


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