Hello, world

Just thought I’d drop in after an extended absence. Mandy and I have been working a lot on the house, as usual, and getting used the the new town. I am finally relaxed in the small town here. It is right next to the big town, so I can get my fix of things to do and interesting foods. I do like knowing my neighbors and feeling safe. No loud cars or busses on my street, tiny yard, crazy neighbors — basically, out of the hood.

We’re gearing up for the inagural road trip in the Volvo to Chicago. This will be the first long trip which won’t be in the civic. Comfort and silence, who could ask for more? We had a hitch put on it so now it is super-cool.

We had to have a new roof put on the house. The old one leaked and it was 20+ years old. The new one looks sharp. If anyone needs advice on shingles, send a note. I don’t want to waste my three years in the asphalt shingle industry on chosing my own shingles once or twice in my life.

I head back to Aisa at the end of the month. This time it is the Korea, China, Taiwan trifecta. This will be my first time in China, so I’m looking forward to having some fun in Shanghai. I have a new commercialization project for a notebook market film.

I’ll be in Lincoln for Christmas. Probably won’t stay too long, maybe till Wednesday or Thursday.

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