California, Alabama, home [10/7 update]

I spent last week (Sat.-Sun.) in San Jose, Calif. I took the “redeye” flight so I ended up sleeping most of Saturday. Sunday went by quick, then I flew to Alabama Monday morning to attend an all-day meeting.

Jantina updated Sassy’s page recently with a cute picture of Sassy and Zoe. We’ve been socializing her with other dogs so she will continue to develop friendliness. So far, so good. 🙂

I’m taking vacation days today and Friday in anticipation of Tillman coming to visit. I’m tracking his plane online; He’s about an hour away. We’re going to have a blast! He’s been racing cars lately, so I’m hoping to see some cool pictures.

[Update] Last weekend Tillman came to visit, we had a great time! We raced go-carts, played mini golf, played video games, and ate at a lot of cool places. Here is a picture of us at Emeril’s Tchoup Chop:

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