TK421 is not at his post

My formerly-trusty home computer, TK421, died sometime late Sunday or early Monday. I’m pretty depressed about it. Matt W. is going to come over tonight and take a gander at it. Hopefully it can be revived. I have some hope that the hard drive isn’t bad. It just isn’t all that old.

I just dread the idea of losing any data and having to track down all those programs and reinstall and everything. Blech. After you’ve done it a couple times, it looses it’s fascination.

Update (3 a.m. Wednesday morning): I’m back up … now with XP. Hope it’s stable. Still need to reinstall a lot of stuff. Probably late tonight. On the upside, I can now run iTunes and Tivo Desktop. … Now, what instant messenger should I run?

Update (1:38 a.m. Friday morning): Carlos needed to stop at Best Buy after Ultimate earlier. I picked up the Netgear Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter for the Tivo. It was on sale. I’ve started transferring the 33 episodes of “The Tick” off the Tivo. Now we can play music from the computer through the stereo system and look at photos on the TV, if were were to want to.

Update (Thursday, Sept. 22): Finally got a DVD burning software to run and started burning a disc at 2 a.m. My first DVD successfully finished burning around 4 p.m.

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