Here’s the team I played with at the Cooler Classic this weekend (see photo below). Our record wasn’t so good, but I think all of our games were close. We just had a lot of plays where we couldn’t find the right rhythm.

I drove up with Carlos, Liz and Melissa in the Escort packed down with gear. It was a six-hour drive to Delafield, Wisconsin, where the campground is. It was raining so hard for a while that we couldn’t see the road — so that slowed us down. We got to the campground around 1 a.m. Saturday morning and jumped in Ben’s nine-person tent. It was pouring and the rain was puddling on the roof of the tent, so I’d get up and empty it every once in a while. Saturday night was beautiful, though.

2005-08-28 S.P.U.N.

I sprained my ankle on Sunday. Argh. The ice may have hurt more than the actual injury. I iced it right away, but my ankle is still swollen pretty big today.

2005-08-28 guido sprain

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