This past weekend I played in the Chicago Beach Ultimate Sandblast 2005 tournament at Montrose Beach on Lake Michigan. I posted a couple pictures on Flickr.

I’d never played Ultimate on the beach. I’ve not really spent all that much time on the beach. So Saturday, I was pretty uncomfortable most of the day, with all the hot and sand everywhere. The sand mixed with sunscreen was particularly annoying. We managed to win three of our four games on Saturday.

In the middle of our third game, I pushed off on a piece of glass hidden in the sand, creating a big gash on my right foot. I sat out the rest of that game and the fourth game. I kept pressure on it for a while, and the team we were playing helped carry me off the field and had some nice antiseptic spray that helped clean out the wound. Somebody fetched a medic guy, too. He got me all bandaged up.

Saturday evening, we all showered (Scott, Erin, Jen and I went to Jen’s) and then met up at a restaurant somewhere in northern Chicago — not sure where exactly. We also picked up some snacks, New Skin and drinks. At 9 p.m., Scott, Erin, Jen and I went back to the beach to guard the tent. Scott tried to help the DJ who had gotten his van stuck on the beach.

The police started shooing people out of the park around 11 p.m. Sleep was a little difficult with people wandering around, that guy with his radio singing along to R. Kelly, tractors combing the beach all night and crews picking up the trash, but I did get a few winks in.

Sunday, I played with my injury feeling better and all taped up. The heat was worse than Saturday, but it didn’t bother me as much. We were down on people and I don’t think we won a game on Sunday.

Julie and my sister came out and watched our last game and then we headed to Bloomington to eat a picnic dinner and see MacBeth at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival with mom and dad. The heat was terrible and I found it difficult time paying attention.

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