Tart and tasty

I uploaded a new page to NPD.

We got through “Six Feet Under,” season three. Now we’re on “The Wire.” Waiting for the second and third discs to arrive. We burned through the first three episodes last night.

Today we went out to the county fair and checked out the animals and had lunch. I’d like to go back tonight and get a funnelcake and a lemon shake-up. Mmm. Seeing as how we already paid for admission and all.

We tried a bottle of mead. Pretty good. We picked it up at the new World Market that just opened in Springfield. I tried a tasty new brand of ginger beverage. We also made a bucket of mojitos Monday. Tart and tasty.

Update 06/09/2005:

Me and Josh in our bumper cars.

Scrambler — This ride is actually made in Jacksonville, Ill.

Again with the Scrambler.

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