Done and done

Well, everything associated with the house sale is done. We’re moved and mostly unpacked. The other house is officially sold and all is well. No longer a land baron (or slumlord, whichever fits best). We met all the neighbors and are helping with a block party at the end of the summer. Such a change from the ghetto.

The dogs are getting accustomed to the yard. There was a break-in period where they weren’t comfortable and several presents were left in the house for me. They are so generous! They seem to have found their favorite spots, but the yard is so much bigger than the last one that they still have a hard time deciding. They met the neighbor dogs, which went as expected (not so well). At least we have obtained the “disfunctional dog” status of the block.

I get to do fun stuff like rip grapevine out of trees and fire up the chainsaw. Mmmmm, chainsaw. Almost as much fun as the 26′ manual transmission moving van. We’re busy rectifying the long standing policy of yard and landscaping ambivalence. I don’t think much was done on the place in the last 5-10 years which makes for a lot of interesting finds back there.

I still can’t park in the garage. We’re planning a sale over the July 4th weekend so whatever we don’t sell, we can take to Goodwill and eliminate from our lives.

We hope to get out in the boats this weekend. It is supposed to be great weather, so we’re planning a Saturday paddle somewhere nearby.

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