Josh, Amanda and Gavin got back Sunday and gave us a call Sunday night and we made some plans for Monday doings. We headed out to Roodhouse to find Fishers Country Store and Bakery. We second guessed the directions, but we made it there. We picked up assundry items and hope to go back when the bakery is really rolling — a Friday maybe. I did get some cheese curds, sun dried tomatoes.

On the way back to J’ville, we stopped at Mason’s Meats in Murrayville and picked up some natural weiners and porky burgers.

When we got back from that outing, Josh and I looked at times for “Episode III.” We found a 5 p.m. matinee and took off. We took the dogs out really fast and hit the road. We were pushing it to get to the movie on time. About half way to Springfield, I decided to go faster than I usually would to try to get there on time. I came over a hill and there was a State Police car. I lucked out and didn’t get pulled over — and I slowed back down to normal speed.

Then, we got to our exit. The road where we exited the highway was a construction zone. I couldn’t see my turn and turned where I thought I should, but it was too soon. I pulled onto the highway onramp. Argh! The movie officially started at 5 p.m. and it was already five or six after. We still had the buffer of the trailers and commercials, but if I had to get on the highway and drive to the next exit we’d miss a good chunk of the movie.

I pulled to the shoulder of the on ramp. Because of the construction zone, the road workers had made a temporary area off to the side of us. I pulled in there, drove down a little dip and over the curb — waited for a gap in the traffic and went. We were back where we needed to be, took the right I intended to take earlier.

We walked into the theater while the last trailer, sat down and the movie started. Whew.

Amanda and Julie snacked and waited for us to get home, then Josh grilled up the porky burger and natural weiners for dinner. And we played a round of Scene It.

I added my second viewing of “EIII” to my movie list, cause it’s special. But if you count that, Troy and I are tied at 29 movies during 2005.

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