My team won the St. Louis hat tournament. Very nice. I sure wasn’t looking forward to the drive home after a long, hot day of playing six games. Paul, originally from Springfield, was on my team along with one of the captains of the U of I men’s team (Brian). Let’s see if I can remember everyone. My team included Erin, Stephanie, Widdle, Cheryl, Taylor, Sam, Brian, Paul, John, David, Shawn Kilfoy and me. Below are two photos by Michael Kilfoy.

Maybe I’m about to block Buck’s throw?

Don’t be distracted by the real action. I’m on the far right.

Bought new cleats. Bracara 2 TRX HG model. I’ve been wanting to try the low-cleat design on the Bracaras for a while. I almost got the Nike Total 90. It fit like a glove, but the ones I tried on were a little too tight in the toes on the left shoe. The last soccer cleates I had have had a broken cleat for a while but recently, I noticed the inslole was getting destroyed under the ball of my foot.

Julie and I picked up the last five BK toys Sunday at lunch. So that’s all of ’em. I guess the promotion will be over soon … darn.

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