Archive | May 2005

Leg enworsened

My pulled calf from Tuesday got exacerbated Thursday. I can’t really bend my foot, so I’m limping pretty good. — A couple high school kids (David and Alex) came out to Ultimate last night and said they play with their friends all the time, but they want to play regularly with us; Score! They say they’ll be bringing out some of their friends soon, too. Carlos and Jake came with me, so we ended up with 4-on-5. — Matt R. saw a high school P.E. class playing Ultimate the other day. So, he pulled over and talk to the teacher. The teacher said he’d tell a couple students who seem interested in the game about our group.

Julie’s pretty taken with the Kings of Leon lately. She’ll probably get me to buy it, since she says I’m the one who buys all the music in the family.

I stayed up late and watched “Gothika” last night. I didn’t catch why it’s called “Gothika.” Could it be that they just liked the word? I enjoyed it OK. The lighting was pretty sweet. I’ll have to add it to my list.

closer, yet

Every day I inch closer to the sweet release of a home sale. We settled all contingencies and we’re on our way. Actually put out the sold sign last night. I never thought this could be so tense and troubling. It is much easier to buy when you don’t have to sell, but the problem there is you have no equity. Just wrong. We have our walk through on the new place this weekend and I just finished repairing the issues with this place. Settled the utilities and stuff today as well. That is sort of fun.

Burger Knight

Tiny houses are cute, aren’t they?

Picked up the first five BK super-deformed Star Wars toys today. A very helpful employee helped me out.

Music listening party

Listened to the new Weezer album, “Make Believe” and the new Nine Inch Nails album “With Teeth.”

Pretty good turnout for Ultimate last night — six-on-six plus seven onlookers (four of which have played in the past). Two drove over from Springfield. It’s been pretty warm lately. I’m going to have to start remembering to bring water.

It’s been kinda hot and sticky all week. We’ve been trying to stay cool around the house and have windows open and fans going and such. The fan left on at night came back to bite me last night, as I woke up with a sore throat. Wish I could set it to turn off after about two hours.

Stuffed by buffet

Mom and Dad came out to watch us play Ultimate for a while. Dad flew the airfoil kite and tried out my little guidable kite while we were playing. Wind was a little gusty, but we had a few good runs.

For Mother’s Day dinner, we went to a new buffet place that Dad had heard some good things about. It had tons and tons and tons of things to choose from — and a weird collection of foods, too. Unfortunately, the place was loud and packed. And I think the consensus was that, despite the selection, we didn’t find much that was particularly good. They did have a little sushi bar where they’d make stuff to order. I’m not a connoisseur, but it was pretty tasty. Maybe I’ll try it again for lunch sometime.

On Saturday we went to Gavin’s first birthday party over at J&A’s new house. Good burgers and fixins and present opening. Got to take Josh’s scooter for a spin around the block. Threw the koosh around, threw the Frisbee around a little with Jordan and Gabe and Free.

Got another flat tire Saturday. This time on the Honda and this time the wheel was stuck pretty solid to whatever’s behind the wheel. So we had to leave it there and get me to work. I came back during my dinner break and popped it off and stuck on the donut spare.

Clean sweep! Organization

We finished 2 more home projects this week. I think they were inspired by watching too much Clean Sweep on TLC.

Office Closet:
Removed original wire shelf (more for hanging clothes on than books/games)
Attached shelving track with sheet metal screws (metal studs rather than wood) for mounting 3 solid shelves. Placed a 4 drawer file cabinet underneath, which replaced a series of file boxes that were cumbersome to get into.

Added two HyLoft ceiling storage units for holiday decorations. Then mounted 2 utility hooks to the concrete block to store 6 folding chairs.

Saw, saw, hammer, saw…

The office is alive with the sounds of cutting metal and walls being ripped out and hammering and other misc. banging. A little construction for our new printing equipment. Neat, though we just lost the big darkroom. The new equipment better work, because without the darkroom, we can’t use the old stuff as a backup.