Bunny babies

Utini found the rabbit hole filled with baby bunnies today. He snatched one of them before I knew what he had found. I quickly told him to drop it. Utini gave the tiny thing an owchie, but he might be OK. I put him back in the hole with the rest of the babies. I showed Julie when she got home and they all seemed to be wiggling around still. They all look like their eyes aren’t even open yet.

Josh and I submitted a pic to Jowlers.com last night. They’re funny, horrible and wonderful all at the same time.

Made a stencil (below), then used it to make this sign today.

Got the second set of five Super-D Star Wars toys at BK tonight.

Watched “The Grudge” (pretty bad) recently and “Sideways” (pretty good) tonight and added them to my list.

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