My Yahoo! Mail account got upgraded to one GB today. Nice. — I’m not sure how they can do this. There’s got to be hundreds of thousands or more Yahoo! Mail accounts. How can they have that much space? It’s pure mind-boggling insanity.

Strained my right quad at Ultimate today. And it now looks like I’m going to the St. Louis Classic Ultimate tourney this weekend as part of Matt Ratz’s team, Nine Inch Males. We’ll be playing Truman State, it seems. We need some more players if anyone wants to join us.

Tomorrow night I’m playing on some sort of eight-person Trivia team that Bre is putting together. It’s a local fund-raiser for autistic kids. Too bad Copper has to work, as he is the trivia king (or so he says — as though I’m one to challenge unless maybe we’re talking Star Wars trivia).

Left ear — still clogged up.

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