Stick it

I’m shopping around for a good arcade stick. A while back I picked up a Playstation 2 in order to play Gradius V. I Recently grabbed a pre-owned copy of Virtua Fighter 4 ($5!!) to add to its library. VF really requires a stick to pull off some of the moves though.

One idea was to get a stick that would support multiple platforms. Because I currently do not have a stick for XBOX either. The anniversary edition Street Fighter stick does support both XBOX and PS2, but I’m not a huge Street Fighter fan.

The last good arcade stick I purchased was for the Sega Dreamcast. It had a great feel to it, and the remake of the Sega Saturn version is available for the PS2 also.

But then, I came across this remake of the classic Neo Geo stick that is being released as part of the King of Fighters anniversary. It is so cool, looks just like my original Neo Geo controllers! My largest concern is the number of actual clicky buttons (4) that might be limiting for other games.

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