Another random Matt posting

So here is another of the rare Matt postings. He has once again been guided by e-mail from the far away planet “Florida.”

Not much going on here. Guess what, no new house. You’d never believe that! When will this torment end?

I’ve been in town for a while. Back in Taiwan in May, but home till then. It is nice to have a schedule of some sort and see the people I work with.

A new batch of beer has been born. It will be tapped tonight at a Spring themed party and a post 30th party. I like it. It is not as sweet as the porters, but nice and malty not too bitter. I just hope the carbonation level is ok, never know how everyone feels about the bubbles.

So I mentioned I was going to have Lasik done. I’m ready to have the right eye touched up, but everything is ok for now. Slight monovision but not too bad. After the correction I should be fantastic. Plus they don’t have to re-microtone the flap. You can lift the flap up for up to 3 years!
Maybe I’ll go for a walk, such as nice day.

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