We’ve signed everything we needed to sign, obtained keys and garage door openers, and now ready to shop for appliances, carpet, and paint!

We are heading over to the new house this evening to take some measurements for the appliances (need to make sure they fit in the utility closet).

I need to learn a little about pool maintenance also. The previous owner was in the business, and apparently we have an awesome mostly self-maintaining system. We only need to put in supplies once a month and the system does the rest (makes its own chlorine).

Still need to find a yard guy, but we did discover why the inspection came up with the sprinklers not working, there is a separate valve, and meter, for the sprinkler water that just needed turned on.

Yay, we are excited. We hope to move in by the 16th. We want to paint and get carpet laid before bringing all our stuff in.

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