Basement incursion

Stressful, crazy night. Headache. Tons of work to do. Headache finally faded around 10:30 p.m. and I actually got my work done in plenty of time before my deadline.

Also, there were bands playing in my basement over my dinner break. Argh! I’d guess there were 20-some people down there. And a cello, violin an upright bass, banjo, several guitars, etc. Check it:

Band: DEFIANCE, OHIO (above, below)

The deal was that Carlos, who plays Ultimate with me, loves this band and wanted them to play here. He arranged for them to come but had trouble finding a place for them to play. He thought he had something, then needed somewhere at the last minute again.

SUPER FAMICOM and Kaleb Schroll played some acoustic songs to kick the show off.

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