So I hear

Today I heard a guy, initials J.P., who went to Illinois College here in Jacksonville was killed in action in Iraq a few days ago. DoD doesn’t have a release on it yet.

Last Friday I heard a local couple dropped some serious change at the Kennedy Auction. From

…three works by William Walton, an artist who was originally from Jacksonville, Ill., a close friend of the Kennedys, and a pivotal figure in the President’s victories in Wisconsin and West Virginia. Old State, which sold for $9,000; Statue of Andrew Jackson on Horseback, which brought $13,200; and The Benign Sign for JBK, which sold for $7,800, were all purchased by Connie and Vernon Massey of Jacksonville, Ill.
The Masseys noted that they bought the works by Walton because of “the connection between President Kennedy and Jacksonville, Illinois,” the hometown they share with the artist. The Masseys also attended Sotheby’s 1996 sale of The Estate of Mrs. Onassis where they purchased A Political Rally, also by Walton.

I posted a couple pages at NPD the other day.

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