Decade III: Retension of the Sick-o

Thinkin’ about ordering “Black Books” DVD. Is there a better, a.k.a. cheaper, way than

Taking Utini to the vet today. He developed a little boo-boo late Friday and has been messing with it all weekend. Grr.

Update: Utini didn’t like the vet experience, and he isn’t still pretty uncomfortable.

Oh, yeah. I’m 30.

Same b-day as:

  • Carol Channing, Norman Mailer, Ernie Banks, Philip Glass, Suzanne Pleshette, Dick Gephardt, Charlie Musselwhite, Phil Collins of Genesis, Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, Nolan Ryan, Johnny Rotten, rock guitarist Jeff Hanneman, Kelly Lynch, Anthony LaPaglia, Al Jaworski of Jesus Jones, Scott Ian Rosenfeld of Anthrax, Jamie Stewart of The Cult, Adrian Vandenberg of Whitesnake, Minnie Driver, Portia de Rossi (2 years older), Kerry Washington — from “Ray” and “Fantastic Four” — (2 years younger), and Justin Timberlake.
  • Eddie Byrne (1911-August 21, 1981), who played General Willard in “Star Wars”
  • Jessica Walter, who plays Lucille Bluth in “Arrested Development”
Those who died on Jan. 31:
  • Mahatma Gandhi (10/02/1869 – 01/31/1948) Indian political, religious leader

    “I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.”
  • A. A. Milne (01/18/1882 – 01/31/1956) English writer (Winnie the Pooh)
Events on Jan. 31:

  • 1915 1st German poison gas attack, against Russians
  • 1928 Scotch tape 1st marketed by 3-M Company
  • 1933 Hitler promises parliamentary democracy
  • 1948 Magnetic tape recorder developed by Wireway
  • 1950 President Truman approves building of hydrogen bomb
  • 1955 RCA demonstrates 1st music synthesizer
  • 1958 U.S. launches their 1st artificial satellite, Explorer 1
  • 1968 Viet Cong’s Tet offensive begins
  • 1970 Grateful Dead members busted on LSD charges
  • 1971 “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison hit #1 on U.K. pop chart

  • 1975: Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” goes gold
  • 1975: John Lennon releases “#9 Dream”

  • 1985 South Africa President PW Botha offers to free Mandela if he denounces violence
  • 1986 Mary Lund of Minn, is 1st female recipient of an artificial heart
  • 1990 1st McDonalds in Russia opens in Moscow, world’s biggest McDonalds
  • 1992 Sportscaster Howard Cosell retires
  • 1994 Dow Jones hits a record 3,978.36

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