This way I can’t forget

A couple dopey manuvers over holiday vacation:

>> I was packing up the car and got everything except my bag of clothes. That I left sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. I wore some of my dad’s clothes and got by for a couple days. Then we swung back by home and grabbed it and dropped off some stuff.

>> We picked up some A/V cables for my dad, but when we dropped off the stuff (see above) back at home, we left the cables. So I bought another set on the way to Lexington, Ken. Then we were back at my parents’ and I stayed a bit longer than Julie. When Julie took off in one car, she took the second set of cables with her back to our house again.

I managed to slip in a couple more movies (“Manchurian Candidate” and “Bourne Supremecy”) before the end of the year, finishing with a total of 72 for 2004.

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