Not too much

I slept almost the entire day today. Julie dragged me out to eat something in hopes that would make me feel better. It didn’t help much. I was nausious and had a huge headache. I only threw up a little tiny bit.. I think the alka selter knock-off I took before dinner might have finally helped. I didn’t start feeling OK until pretty late this evening.

While checking out at one store over the holidays, the price of one of the Star Wars toys didn’t come up in the computer, and the frustrated (probably new or temp) store employee got tired of waiting for the manager to come help her out.

“Does $4.99 seem like too much,” she asked.

“No, it doesn’t sound like too much,” I said. So that’s what she rang it up as.

I scanned one later at Wal-Mart and it came up $14.99. Good deal for me. I also found a bunch of Star Wars stuff on sale after Xmas, so now I just have to try to make sure I didn’t buy doubles of something.

Julie picked up a new DVD player today and is taking ours to her classroom at work.

The nice thing about the new one is that it doesn’t have two seperate power buttons. That feature on our older one just makes no sense at all. The new one also has component video out. If we ever get a new TV, I’ll probably get one with the inputs for that.

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