upcoming T-day

Still a lot to do to get ready for T-day. I have Christmas in Lincoln with the family since we will be in Chicago at the real Christmas. Thank you Amazon for making shopping last about 15 minutes!

Guess where Matt is. Back in Korea. I might as well move here. I learned something new. There is this place in my hotel for “sport massage.” That basically means sex. Who knew, I just thought that it was a massage, not a “massage.” That could have been akward.

I know I only post when I’m stuck somewhere. I’ll try to change that.

I have my appointment for Lasik. I have to complete the healthcare reimbursement info for next year, but I think I’m in. The payback with contacts and using the tax advantage is about four years. That sounds pretty good to me. No more contacts falling out in the shower, or drying out on a plane and waking up with the eyes gooped shut. Freedom!

Time for lunchie.

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