Scanner operational

Not sure when they actually did it, but MICROTEK finally released a driver for my scanner long after OSX Jaguar came out. I’ve been scannerless for about a year and we were forced to buy some new scanners to get by. I like the scanner, but it’s pretty lame to wait that long to get a driver for a perfectly good scanner. Don’t they give hardware and software developers early releases of operating systems so they can release new drivers, if needed? It’s all a vicious circle, though, I bet.

I can’t scan directly to Photoshop until I get it updated to version 7, but that’s been ordered, I think.

Added more movies to my 2004 movie list.

With the time change, I don’t get to play Ultimate as much. We’re down to Saturdays in Jacksonville and Sundays in Springfield. I wish we could space it out.

We met up with several LCHS folks — Josh (formerly Smith) Foster, James Grimaldi and his wife and Jill (formerly Woerly) Reichert and her husband — Wednesday night for a wine tasting. And Jason Stephens was working the event.

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