‘Halo 2’ today … but far away from where I am

Well, today is the big day. Halo 2 was released, but I’m miles away from my gaming setup! (Traveling for work) I tracked my delivery of the highly anticipated game online, and saw that it was delivered at home today around 11 a.m.

I have a big LAN party planned for Saturday, and some gaming with the family for Thursday late and Friday.

While I’ve been kept away from my gaming, I’ve been reading everything I can, especially bungie.net. You can look up the statistics for any player, including all of their post game scores, accuracy, paths taken through the level, etc.

After work today, I went to an EB Games a couple blocks away … I asked them if they rented XBOXs. They did not, but thought about it for a while and decided there was really no one nearby that did.

I explained that my XBOX was back home in Orlando, and that its killing me not to be able to play Halo 2. So one of the guys said, well, you can play on ours if you want. I said, “Oh, do you have it set up?” (because I already looked around and saw no demo units).

They had the demo systems tucked away deep in the back, in a corner. One of the workers explained that they just run looping demos on them and normally don’t let people play. But they made an exception in my case! He went to the back room and got a controller for me, hooked it up, and away I went. It is very cool, I can’t wait to get home!

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