Sweat laden, Pizza eating

I’m still in Philadelphia. This gig is just to “be available,” a kind of security blanket for the customer. I was bored out of my mind, so I was able to convince my boss to spring for some online training courses. They’ve helped keep my mind busy through the day.

I went for a physical a couple weeks ago. My doctor said I needed to work out 30 minutes a day and that I have high cholesterol. So I’ve been using the hotel’s gym this week, using the treadmill and skiing machines. Its not bad. They even have little TV’s mounted to them so I can watch “The Simpsons” while I sweat.

Our electric bill at the new place is double that of our previous place! I bought one of those programmable electronic thermostats ($35 at Home Depot) and our friends installed it for us 🙂 The package says I can save as much as 30%!

We ate at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner Saturday to celebrate our friends’ awesome auditions (they got all of the call-backs, and are in the final selection). They are trying out for parts in Japan, so I’m excited with anticipation of visiting them once they’re over there!

Another friend of ours just reported that he is now in the top 10 for selection as a Disney Ambassador (a very prestigious position). He was excited to have made it to the previous round (top 20), so this is amazing! I’m confident that he’ll make it as one of the three they select this year.

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