Julie tried calling when she remembered that she forgot to set my alarm this morning. Of course, the phone is no where near the bedroom, so I didn’t hear it ring. I got to work a couple hours late, but skipped lunch.

Added a movie we watched Sunday night to the movie list.

We’re severely running out of light on Ultimate nights, lately. It was dark by 7 tonight. We did have 7-on-7 for a while, though. That was nice. I wish I could find a field with lights so we could keep playing.

Finished “Six Feet Under” season two tonight. Now on to these TV shows we’ve been taping and not watching.

Maybe it’s harvest sturring up alergens, but I’ve been not breathing too well, snoring more than usual, not getting very good sleep, getting sinus headaches, etc. I might have had a cold, too. I’m not sure.

Star Wars DVDs came today. Biker Scout figure from Troy came yesterday. Picked up a couple OTC figures (Lobot and Snow Trooper) and three Unleashed figures (Aalya, Tuskan Raider, Bossk) yesterday. I returned the overpriced vintage-esque 12″ Stormtrooper, too.

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