10-4 good buddy

Happy fifth anniversary to Julie and me. We also bought our house on this date, three years ago today. We thought about getting ourselves a Tivo, but we resisted — for now.

We kinda splurged on an area rug while we were out. It was on sale.

We’re trying Sam’s Club out for a year to see if we find enough to make it worthwhile. We got a couple things, but not too much. I noticed the price on the 256MB XD memory card was about the same price as the 128MB one we got (on sale, even) right before Ryan’s wedding. Shoot. — I saw Travis, Kathleen and Virgil while we were at Sam’s tonight, too.

Just started the last disc of “Six Feet Under” season two. Now we’re going to have to wait almost a whole year for the next season.

Utini snatched my tub of guacamole this afternoon. You can’t leave food out around him. I knew that, but I forgot it was out. What a pill.

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