Cheapish rental property

The house that Julie and I had our first apartment in is UP FOR SALE. We rented the upstairs, and it was a great deal. We had two washers and dryers that we were free to use and a garage and off-street parking, central air, a huge kitchen. The only reason we moved was because the owners wanted to sell it and move away.

I broke down and bought the newly-released STAR WARS TRILOGY DVD just now. I had to sign up for the Amazon credit card, but I got the DVD set for a “Grand Total: $11.80” which I thought was pretty good for an item with a $69.98 list price.

I added “Hidalgo” to my 2004 movie list. Julie and I both went to the video store, independently of each other, yesterday. I rented “Six Feet Under” season 2, disc 4 and “Hidalgo.” Julie came in later and went to get the “Six Feet Under” disc only to find it gone. So she picked up a copy of “Hidalgo.” The guy who had just checked me out a little while earlier — Theo — was probably a little confused. He told Julie I had just rented the same movie. So Theo saved us from renting two copies of “Hidalgo.” Thanks, Theo! Now if I can just remember where I recognize Theo from.

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