Feeling porky

Stopped by Revolution Records and picked up the APPLES IN STEREO “Velocity of Sound” CD I ordered. I went ahead and ordered another John Vanderslice album, because the last one I got was goood.

That was as Julie and I were on our way to Porky Days. I had a smashing good pork chop sandwich there from the Muggsy’s tent and some pretty good caramel corn. As we were heading home, we popped into a little flea markety story and I came across a Star Wars glass (1977) and a Return of the Jedi glass (1983) for $2.

Then I had to mow the lawn and go to work. Crazy news day at work, for a Saturday. Might go mountain biking Monday with Clay.

I hit my 50th movie of the year last night with “Starsky & Hutch.” Not a milestone kinda film, but it has become such. Trying to get caught up on “Fantastic Four” comics lately. I’m behind on everything … grr.

Hey, Troy, did I meant to tell you that there’s a good looking new series where they’re bringing Hal Jordan back as Green Lantern. Thought you might be interested.

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