Thrice the discs

The three discs I found (below) while searching for my lost disc at the disc golf course. This is the search that allowed me to experience the joys of poison ivy. It still seems to be popping up, too. I know I just said it seemed to be going away the other day, but as the worst spots get better, other areas show up.




I tried to get ahold of the guy last night in Springfield while I was over there — the guy who found the disc I lost originally — but he didn’t answer the phone. I did pick up comics and throw around with Mark and Cory, who were the only ones to show for Ultimate, and bought some hummus. Skipper and Dale of Virden met me at Ultimate and picked up the kitchen knobs and switchplate we offered up to the freecycle group. I don’t think I’ve written about the JACKSONVILLE FREECYCLE GROUP yet and I’m not sure how well-known the movement is. You can find out about it at FREECYCLE.ORG if you don’t know what it’s about.

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