Drowning in data?

We hit the library Monday afternoon and then headed over to Larry Calhoun’s. We chatted and took pics of six of his newer paintings that he wanted put on his site.

He also had some sort of issue trying to update his version of Netscape. His profile was messed up, so I unscrambled that and got that working. Looked like he was trying to get an OSX version of Netscape, too, which was never going to work out as he is runnin’ OS 8.6. 🙂

After we came home, I hunkered down and imported, cropped, toned, sized, etc. until I had the six new images up. I also decided to rearrange the paintings that were already there in an attempt to make the organization make more sense. Not sure if that really worked. Took me all night. Not sure how to speed this sort of thing up. Maybe if I did it all the time. I just don’t have any effeciency when it comes to html and dealing with all those image files and links. Gak. Feels like I’m drowning in the concept of the computer file.

Well, here it is: VILLAGE ARTS

We watched “Bubba Ho-Tep” recently. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was hoping I was pleasantly surprised.

IPPA Student Best of Photojournalism contest winning images were recently posted HERE.

I got to talk a little with my design mentor from the early days, Mike, on Saturday. He let me in on some of his thoughts about InDesign. Good to know that the newest version has a measurements palete and the others don’t; InDesign has paletes instead of menus, which is annoying and slower; and his personal pet peeve is that it makes the use of soft drop shadows too easy.

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