Jeepers Creepers

My swollen peepers as seen on Thursday afternoon. I’m currently singing a really bad version of “Betty Davis Eyes” with my own “Poison Ivy Eyes” lyrics, by the way. Click image for bigger, grosser image.

I keep getting more rash popping up … I wonder if the poison ivy oils are still on my steering wheel or somewhere else and I keep getting more on me! The car’s gonna get a wipe-down ASAP. This could drive me insane, I tells ya.

I did get to see Larry R. the last couple days. Julie and I went to look at one apartment with him Thursday night and it turned out to be one that Julie and I looked at years ago, when we were looking for our first apartment. That’s a tiny bit odd.

Larry did finally find something he liked and it is pretty close to work and our house. It looks cool from the outside. That’s all I saw of it so far. His recounted experiences kill me. He should probably have a blog (although he may and just not be telling me). He likened one of the apartments — bland, sterile, office-like — to the woman who showed it to him. Terrible, but funny.

On a side-note, Larry joked that he was going to read the entire year of Fuzzy Couch.

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